Monday, September 17, 2007


Paedophilia is sex activities or sex abuse with children.This problem has become a popular crime in Malaysia.It is due to pornographic materials such as films and magazines that are scattered in the black market.The government cannot control this activities that has spread over Malaysia.Furthermore,these DVDs are sold in the lowest price which encourage certain people to buy it.Mostly, men are encouraged to buy these DVDs or Cd's.When they watch these kind of DVDs or Cd's, it may influence them to do such kind of porn acting to women;either to a young girl,teenager or an adult.Nowadays, we are always heard about the sexual abuse among children.It is proved by the death of Nurul Huda, a six year-old girls which rapped by a man when she was walking home from school in 2005.Nurul Huda was rapped and killed unheartedly.Before her death,there were several cases similarly occurred like her case.Thus, the government should strictly empower the law to punish the people who are involved in the black market activities as well as paedophiles.