Sunday, January 31, 2010

lets bring it back!

salam alaik...

today is the last day of JAnuary...

tomorrow dah start the 2nd week of this block...i try to adapt with the new subjects for this block...PHARMACOLOGY, PARASITOLOGY, AND the main subjects..but then when i checked the timetable,later, we will be having ANATOMY for man!! doesnt mean that i hate anatomy..having all those 3 main subjects plus anat make my life harder and tougher...huhu..
(x cube lagi dah mengeluh..)heeeeeeeeeee huuu...i understand very well in Prof Pakeer Prof Hasan lecture, it is very hard for me to understand what he said..he speaks very fast and the words are not clear!!huu..then..bile da x phm prof ckp pe..mata mula la ngntok..then terlayang le kejap...aiyo...da le blajau mende2 yg x nampak , cinonet plak tu..huhu

ok.enough mengeluh.i must try.NO MATTER WHAT..i have to pass this block!

now, lets read further..
i would like to introduce a new singer from UK....
he is juz like Sami Yusuf, made songs based on Islamic teachings..most of his songs are related to our faith or Tauhid..


i just pick some of the lyrics

" look inside yourselves
such a perfect order
hiding in yourselves
running in your veins
What about anger, love and pain
and all the things you're feeling
can you touch them with your hands?
so are they really there?
lets start question in ourselves
isn't this proof enough fo us?
or are we so blind to push it all aside???"

"when a baby's born
so helpless and weak
and you're watching him growing
so why deny
whats in front of your eyes
the biggest miracle in life"
the 1st time i heard this song
it really touches my heart..
why i am so blind to see, to ponder Allah's power
all are in front of my eyes..
so true...
kat mane sebenarnye rase marah, sayang and sakit...are they really in our heart?? or somewhere else...we couldnt define them...we dont know where they are..

even Muslims sendiri fail to see Allah's power ...
how bout non Muslims?
we have to see with so-called 'mata hati'...
we juz look quiet and we'll see the signs..
all the evidences are juz in front of us...
lets reflect the creation of man..

Surah Al-Mukminun, ayat 14...

" kemudian, air mani itu Kami jadikan sesuatu yang melekat, lalu sesuatu yang melekat itu Kami jadikan segumpal daging, dan segumpal daging itu Kami jadikan tulang belulang, lalu Kami bungkus dengan daging. Kemudian, Kami menjadikannya makhluk yang berbentuk. Mahasuci Allah, Pencipta yang paling baik."

isnt this proof enough for us?
or we are so blind to push it all aside??

O Allah!...please lead us to the right path..
please firm our faith on You...dont let us blind with Ad-dunya until we forget Al-Akhirah..

O Allah! our eyes, our hearts, and minds..
to ponder Your Power in creating this world..
we wanna be a thankful Muslim..our ultimate goal is Your blessings..

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  1. unknown servant of ALLAH....February 1, 2010 at 7:02 PM

    wah2.. ad improvement in your writing, quite gud..tibe2 kembali tulis luahan hati yg islamic.. lame jugak ia hilang.hehe. yela, sometime to much enjoy and sadness thing happens in, bende 2 yg selalu kite tulis kan.. tp lupa sebenar ny dr mane...