Friday, May 8, 2009


The Imam of the Ummah is a shield
where he protects the Ummah
and where the Ummah fights behind him
Where is this shield today to protect the Ummah??
What happen to this shield to honor and dignify the Ummah???
In 1917 Prime Minister of britain
after entering Jerusalem stated "the crusade war has ended"
In the same year
the french general, goro
went to the grave of Salahudeen-Ayubi
the one who 730 years prier crushed the crusades
and liberated Palestine & Syria
he went to his grave in Damascus
and kicked it and said
wake up oh Salahudeen
we are here �
How did they do this to you and me
We turn on the TV
and all we see is a world full of casualties
a generation in agony
our Ummah is in misery l
et us go back to beginning of the century
and review our history

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